Message to Chuck

The Jazz Man just outed Chen Zhen’s photo. I emailed him to let him know that there will be a retaliation.

You messed with one of my people, well watch what we do. Don’t cry when we publicize stuff about you.

To those who have a problems with this, keep quiet,. Evil must be met with brutality.

Update: On second thought, we’re content to just keep laughing

Chuck, you’re a joke and your stunt against Chen shows you are a joke.

Update II: Dark Falcon thinks he is immune.

Kurt, we have your real life picture. Stay out of this or we will out it. You are a salesmen, I don’t think your company would like for your picture to be known. Keep your mouth shut, OK!

Sunday Evening [deleted]

Just another “guess the lizard” game, to hold you over until the next round of voting:

This time, with a clue:

This in: Broccoli is a race.