Uh Oh

Gus 802 goes on to say that he’d support a “truce”, and Dark Falcon “bears them no ill will”.

Um, guys? Gal? You might want to pay attention, and actually read and comprehend what we post over here.  For once.  ‘Cause when we warn people about CJ, we’re including you.  That’s right, you.  After all, I just posted this like, a week ago:

Never mind the fact that CC’s blogroll is a veritable who’s-who list of Those Who Are Henceforth Deemed Crazy by the Grand Lizardoid.

Truce?   Look, I know the OR reference is a year old and all that, but c’mon.   In the world of LGF, many lizards have gone from friendly to “creep” (CJ’s favorite catch all pejorative), but never the other way around.   So, be careful.  I don’t want to dig you three out of the memory hole.   Like Ludwig, we prefer to see you guys healthy.

Tuesday Night [deleted]

Sometimes, those of us here in the Boiler Room stumble upon the strangest things:


*scratches head*

Killgore mocks NYers

New York and the East Coast was buried by a blizzard. Many New Yorker are angry at Mayor Bloomberg because the city has been inefficient in picking up the snow. Killgore mocks them and takes a swipe at Fox News.

Killgore shows he has no class and is a dishonest smear merchant. What he leaves out is that other news outlets, besides FOX News are reporting about the anger of NYC residents. Killgore is really a low life and his mockery of other people’s misery shows what kind of soul he has.

On Scrooges and Sadsacks

I guess he’s referring to us?  The grammar oopsy aside, the only thing that’s “pathetic” here is the argument. 

Assuming that LGF hilarity as subject matter isn’t sacrilege for a blogger on a Christian holiday*, and that those of us who recognize it might have still found a way to spend time with our families over the weekend (in fact, I scheduled a post in advance so I could do just that), let’s take a look at how busy Gus 802 was over the same time span:

Christmas Day:
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/65/8825675
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/83/8825693
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/15/8825460
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/17/8825462
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/18/8825463
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/22/8825467
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/24/8825469
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/26/8825471
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/33/8825478
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/36/8825481
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/page/233483_Pakistan_suicide_bombing_kills

Christmas Eve:
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/224/8825374
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/230/8825380
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/233/8825383
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/199/8824810
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/10/8824504
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/16/8824515
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/21/8824520
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/27/8824528
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/236/8824382
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/255/8824401
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/256/8824402
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/262/8824408
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/263/8824409
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/287/8824434
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/288/8824435
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/291/8824438
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/296/8824443
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/298/8824445
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/304/8824453
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/317/8824466
• http:/ / littlegreenfootballs.com/showc/331/8824480

(Hat tip: Opilio.)

*for the cult, perhaps not a safe assumption

Stalkers in Chuck’s head

Chuck suffered a DDOS attack today. This is not the only thing on his mind. As always, the Stalkers are never far from his thoughts.

Chuck, we are in your head!

Chuck under attack

The Jazz Man feels likes play the victim card. He likes to portray himself as some heroic crusader taking on the forces of evil. He has recently inserted himself into the wikileaks story to gain relevancy. The only thing he has gained is a DDOS attack! As usually he plays victim and gets sympathy from his cultists.

This is what happens Chuck when you step out of your league. Don’t play victim, you inserted yourself into this.

LGF Has a New Weatherman

I don’t know if an interview was required, but PhillyPretzel appears to have taken over the position:

Be careful out there, Philly.  Those of us who have been around awhile remember what happened to the old weatherman, and it wasn’t a pretty sight.