Sunday Night Screencap

From LGF’s aforementioned “Zuniga Hides the Evidence” thread, with regard to the old incident where Kos blocks the Wayback Machine and Google cache:

Of course, we couldn’t agree more!

The DoD Addiction

We know it’s hard not to look, Floral.  After all, we have all these former lizards over here who are free to talk about things like Ludwig’s mysterious departure, the memory hole, CJ’s hypocrisy, and random LGF hilarity without having to worry about monitors or being slapped with a “timeout” (or worse).   And based on our internal stats, we’re confident that you’re not the only LGFer in good standing who needs a daily DoD fix.

So, c’mon over!  Drop a comment; use a sock.  It’s fun!  You know you want to…