Merry Christmas!

On behalf of all refugees from The Village of 1.0, Merry Christmas to Charles Johnson and his Lizard Army.  May you and yours provide us with much jovial entertainment for months to come, and in the spirit of giving, we promise to pass on that same joy to the rest of the blogosphere.

Chuck’s dishonest quote of the Day

Chuck makes the most hilarious statement that is an outright lie.

Wow Obama is Pro-Israel? What an outright lie on Chuck’s part.

Killgore Trout Blames the Jews

Killgore’s  true feeling about Israel are on full displaying. He’s bought in to the lie that Israel has bad PR because of its image, not Leftist-Islazmic smears. He then blames people like Pam Geller for the reason Israel is not liked by some.

Right its Jews like Pam’s fault Israel is not liked by Progressives. Killgore knows damn well Israel has been smeared by Progressive and Islamic propaganda. Instead he wants to blame Jews. Typical of an Islamic loving Progressive.

Chuck talks about Ludwig

Resident ass kissser Dark Falcon misses his former tormentor LudwigVanQuixote. He was asking about why he still is on time out. Chuck after much pressure from this blog, finally discusses Ludwig’s status.

So according to Chuck, Ludwig can come back anytime and he hasn’t. Something tells me that Chuck is not being straightforward. One thing I agree, it is a shame Ludwig hasn’t come back. He was the source of great material for this blog.  We will continue to make his cause ours, he will never be forgotten!


LGF Historian

The Fraudulent Zionist is not only an imposter, but is also a fake historian. She now tries to give a history lesson!

Yeah John Stewart is a great history source. The Fake Zionist is an ignorant fool.