Rescued From Memory Hole: Fox news, LVQ, Whores…

After the recent sacrifice of my sockpuppet, along with being cleverly IP blocked yesterday, I’m sure CJ and the lizards are now hoping that maybe, just maybe, they can take a breath and not worry about what I might be able to contribute to DoD today.

So, did I get myself a new IP addy, or even a new sock? Switch computers? Nope, I’m still me, rockin’ the super slow VAIO laptop, surfin’ in IE and broadcasting from my moderately priced tract castle. It turns out that these modest resources are all I need, because I still managed to spot this rather cryptic comment from ‘jamesfirecat’ in last night’s open thread:

Those who are paying attention to this reality show know that ‘jamesfirecat’ thinks he’s in charge of a section of the lizard armory, and is eager to pass out cyber weaponry to the fellow LGFers in the form of…wait for it…lolcats images.  It is unclear whether this troubled flame warrior was exiled from icanhascheezburger, but he definitely stays busy whipping those pathetic (albiet cute) image urls. 

Anyway, what the heck is he talking about?   What experiment?  Then I thought that if whatever it was “didn’t work”,  perhaps we may be able to find it in the memory hole.  It’s been a little while for me, but I do remember leaving a few survival goodies at base camp, so I put the boots on and dove back in.  And what do you know, jamesfirecat wasn’t kidding around:…

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Chuck’s good deed of the day

Chuck shows his merciful side today.

Wow Chuck, that’s your good deed of the day. You are really kind and merciful!

Update (ChenZhen): I think it is important to provide some context and explain how 000G was being a “jerk”. First, 000G stumbled upon a little of the CJ double standards that we’ve come to know and love:

Then, 000G displayed a little “stalker-ish” behavior by going into the LGF archives, and linking back to this CJ comment from back in August (gasp):

C’mon 000G!  Have some pride.  You were right, so why in the heck would you beg and grovel for your account back?

Ludwig has been spotted

Ludwig has been spotted in the below video!


The LvQ Fan Club

It looks like we’re not the only ones jonesing for some Lood:

C’mon, Chuck. We’re going into hypoquixotic shock! Cold turkey isn’t cool, man. Bummer with a capital L.

Free LvQ!!! Free LvQ!!! Free LvQ!!! Free LvQ!!!

H/T nils.

A Lizard in Good Standing: Barrett Brown

Barrett Brown is a real piece of work.

He’s been posting for a while at 1.0, while simultaneously attacking Robert Stacy McCain and defending Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on LGF’s threads. He’s even got an LGF Page to spew his hatred of the United States, claiming that the US and the UK were in collusion to kill Al-Jazeera journalists in cold blood, even though it never happened. Don’t believe me? Check it out:

It took a number of lizards to call Brown’s bullshit, and eventually Johnson had to chime in. Was Brown banned for his idiocy? NO.

Johnson is fishing in the deep end of the swamp for more attention, and so is Barrett Brown:

The fact that Barrett Brown was let into The LGF Village in the first place, given his own frequently publicized and unhidden anti-American progressive agenda, is telling. We can only assume that for some bizarre reason Charles is scared of Barrett. Go figure.

Update by Iapyx:

Here’s a picture of Mr. Dreysdale’s secretary from the Beverly Hillbillies, Miss Hathaway:


Why Ludwig is hanging out with Miss S instead of a real woman…

Speaking of Weasel Zippers…

More stuff CJ forgot to delete?