Weazy vs. Luddy, Clash of LGF Losers

I did screenshots of the fight. I will not comment much as this is classic.

Chuck then gives a Ludwig a time out for that nasty comment. The irony is the Jazz Man uses derogatory language towards Pam Geller and Sarah Palin. He was OK with Luddy’s comments until Iceweasel was upset.

Ludwig learned the hard way, Don’t mess with Weazy! She is the ruler of LGF and Chuck is just a puppet. If he continues his fight with her, he will end up like Sharmuta and Irish Rose. He will be banned and discarded.

The Weasel makes Ludwig back down

A full-scale war has erupted at LGF. Iceweasel is letting Ludwig know, who’s the boss. Well after a heated exchange which I will post later, Ludwig bows down to the real ruler of LGF!

Just like when he was exposed as a fake Jew by Yeshiva students, he turns tails and runs. We warned Ludwig not to mess with the Weasel, she is the Blog Queen and defacto ruler of LGF.

Helpin’ CJ With The Comment URLs

Over the past few weeks, Charles has been fixing the little holes and glitches in his website…as we’ve been pointing them out.  First, we divulged the big gateway to the memory hole (he had to fix that).  Then just recently, we laughed a bit as we played BEGhILOS tricks with comment numbers.  In both cases, CJ appears to have made the appropriate alterations quite quickly (and very quietly).

Now, I should have prefaced this by saying that most bloggers don’t really care about this stuff.  For 99.9% of the netizens out there (like us), we’re using software and online publishing applications that are programmed and built by someone else.  To use an analogy, the mediums that we use to do our thing are kinda like automobiles.  Most get around with the Chevys and Hondas, while a few have it a little better and might have a BMW or a Lexus (in terms of features).   But when it comes to the personal investment for that vast majority, the vehicle is just the tool we use to communicate, and there’s a heck of a lot more attention paid to the communication than to the tool.  In other words, most of us only worry about defending the content of the actual posts.

There is at least one blogger, however, who can claim that he is the proud owner of a custom-built hot rod of a blog (complete with sneaky pop-ups).    When you visit LGF, it isn’t just the blogger’s front page content that you’re seeing.  You’re also seeing a machine that is the culmination of many years of gradual upgrading, tweaking and customizing (the evolution of which, incidentally, really went down the memory hole with CJ’s move to block the internet archives).  And it probably goes without saying that CJ doesn’t like people pointing out flaws in his custom-built hot rod (hence, the quick programming corrections).

So, since there’s an opportunity to nudge the guy manning the chair at the Denver airport and send him back under the hood yet again, I’m going to point out one more little trick that I’ve discovered along the way.  It’s the fact that a URL like this…


…actually works!

(Go ahead, copy/paste it.)

I certainly hope that fixing that issue doesn’t take too much effort, ’cause I think that would look kinda funny on the referral page.