OK, Gus

It was kind of a wild night last night, and while we’re still poppin’ the corks and high-fivin’ over here, I would like to address something that Gus 802 posted at LGF:

My sock was still active at the time that was posted, but with the slow loading times and the fact that the comments were bound to be deleted anyway, I didn’t respond. 

First off, I think maybe the “need to get out more” lecture should come from a lizard who doesn’t have a staggering 42,000 comments tallied in just two years.  Glass houses and all that.

Its pretty simple, though.  My interest in LGF wasn’t really effected by my being banned, and I certainly wasn’t going to let it silence me.   Over the last few years, that interest level has gone up and down, and I’ve been known to post on quite a few other topics on my own blog and even disappear for a while.  But I figure I’m like any other LGF regular; the difference is that I can say whatever I want over here, without having to worry about updings or upsetting CJ’s delicate sensibilities.   It’s pretty fun at the DoD, and I do think of it as a hobby.    

And since you brought up the banning, I think many will be surprised by how I left:

You see, I was welcomed to do it, so I did.  And after a few years, I still don’t mind that I did.  It’s been a blast, actually.  So what’s the big deal?  

But don’t worry Gus, I’m sure I’ll finally move on at some point.  I think the delay is caused by the wealth of material that I get from CJ just being CJ , and it seems there’s perpetually something new to post.  For a blogger to take themselves and their blog that seriously, while being so snide, hypocritical, authoritarian, revisionist, cultish, etc…LGF is in a league of its own.   With the silence of the logged-in lizards, someone has to say something.  Well, that, and I always liked Statler and Waldorf.

Chuck’s anti Israel friend

Andrew Sullivan is an anti-Semitic smear merchant. This fact is known, but another fact is that he is friends with the Corpulent cult blogger. They have linked to each others stories and have praised each others work. The Jazz Man claims to be Pro-Israel so its interesting he is openly allied with a Jew hater.

Andrew Sullivan brags about how the Arab public supports AYatollah Iran getting nuclear weapons and is happy they view Israel as the threat.

So, in fact, the Arab population, unlike their corrupt, gutless, torturing autocrats, is increasingly in favor of a nuclearized Iran. 77 percent of those surveyed said that Iran had a right to its nuclear program, even though close to 57 percent (a three-year high) viewed it as a military program designed for nuclear bombs (only 39 percent believed that three years ago).

When the Arab public was asked which foreign country was the biggest threat to them, a full 88 percent said Israel, 77 percent said the US and … drum-roll, Jeffrey … 10 percent said Iran.

The spectacle we are now watching is neocons hailing the Arab dictators they once claimed to abhor, while profoundly misleading Americans about the disastrous and catastrophic effect a US or Israeli war on Iran would have.

Read it all: The Arabs vs Iran? Please.

Chuck, will you condemn Andrew Sullivan’s latest anti-Semitic rant like you did a KKK snowman?

If you don’t it will show you are a hypocrite and an Jew hater enabler.


Those Idaho Nazis

Chuck is always looking for Nazis or White Supremacists. he really believes they are a massive threat waiting to take over the world. In his latest smear job, he implies that people in Idaho are racist.

Chuck is once again engaging in dishonesty. He is implying that people in Idaho accept this stupid snowman. The problem with the Jazz Man’s theory is that people in Idaho’s 1st district, elected Puerto Rican Raul Labrador to represent the 1st district.Explain that one Jazz Man!

Chuck makes a mountain out of a molehill to smear a state and continue his Nazi threat theory.

Video courtesy of King Minos. ahh!

CJ drops F-Bombs on WikiLeaker

This is kind of unusual, Charles Johnson fricking and fracking about stuff that he himself does on a regular basis. The difference is that Little Green Footballs does not affect national security (let alone much else) unlike the potential havoc that Assange and his WikiLeaks weasels can cause in the name of global assholery.

However, in this case Charles is right (even if it appears he’s had a few too many cordials tonight) at least up to the point where he threw out a non-sequitur insult to Mike Huckabee.

Now let’s talk about your own “self-aggrandizing international monkey-wrenching” shall we, Charles?  *ahem*Guardian*ahem*

[h/t to DeeDee]

ChenZhen Returns To LGF

I’m not sure if this is my magnum opus (at least, as far as my stunts go), but it’s probably going to wind up being right up there:

What can I say?  I had an idea, and then opportunity struck.  After a little preparation, I decided to burn a sock (The Blue Boy) in order to post up an LGF Page under my own handle (for the full screencap, click here):

My Memory Hole Prediction
Blogosphere • Nov 30, 2010 at 8:16 pm PST

I’m not usually one to make predictions, but since I am who it says, I’d say it’s a safe bet that this page winds up in the memory hole. So, aside from that…

I’m an old LGFer using a year-old sock, but I’m new to the LGF Pages thing. It was just the other day that I decided to give this ‘puppet a crack at it. I was curious about the user interface and whether the submission would wait in moderation before it appeared. And let’s face it, the ability to switch your nic for the Pages seemed as if it was designed for this kind of thing. I just needed some material.

The primary goal, ultimately, was to test out the system. The secondary was to make sure to “blend in” with the lizard hive, and as a bonus to try to collect some updings along the way (for the LOLs). So, I thought for a bit and concluded that… Pam Geller had to be it. Simple. I think it had been at least a few days since the last Pam thread around here, and I figured that it was something that I might have posted on my own blog anyway.

As I had hoped, it didn’t take long for my short and simple page to shoot up to the top of the ‘featured pages’ list. At the same time, I was checking out that ‘spy’ thingy (which is cool, I’ll admit), and I could see the updings as they came in. Success!

Even better, I found out later that not only do I “blend in”, Charles tweeted and submitted my page to Digg! (I don’t think you can memory hole those, can you?)

So here’s where this prediction becomes less safe than the first one. Does CJ scrub my Pam page from the archives -despite the fact that he ‘featured’, tweeted and dugg it just days ago- out of spite for the author once their true identity was known? Whoa. There could be a real life lesson buried in this, and I’m not quite sure what might happen once CJ searches his feelings. Tough one….

…aw who am I kidding? It’s history.

Yea, I’m not sure if I can out-do that one.