$10 a Month for … This?

Cato was right.

Content’s a bit … how shall we say? … thin?

13 Comments on “$10 a Month for … This?”

  1. Speranza says:

    Yes the content on LGF sure is thin. Where in the past Fatman would reference Victor Davis Hanson, Mark Steyn, Charles Krauthammer – now his point of reference is an unfunny comedian.

    • Dorito says:

      Don’t his minnions have cable? You can’t get a lot more on HBO for $10. I can’t wait for him to buddy up to Robert Fisk too.

  2. FishFearMe says:

    Hell, I’ll give him 10 bucks a month to NOT post that shit.

    • Iron Fist says:

      That is probably as much as he is making now. Lewd Spank is probably the only bitch actually ponying up the cash. He pays for it out of his allowance…

  3. spidly says:

    Why, when you can watch MSNBC or visit Kos and DU for FREE lunatic lefty agitprop?

  4. spaceallah says:

    The problem is that producing content is hard work. Having banned everyone whose IQ is above room temperature, he no longer has content readily being served up in the comments. Basically I believe he’s trolling Huffington Post, Daily KOS, Talking Points Memo and Media Matters for content now.

    • Kirly says:

      I think he always was. he just had the capitalist instinct to post what people actually wanted to read back there. you know, what the commenters actually sent to him and left in the comments. he’s useless now.

  5. snowcrash says:

    $10 month if given to Feed the Children can save LIVES. Not some stupid blog owners fat butt.

  6. dwells38 says:

    I certainly can’t understand why there are any on the right there anymore and certainly not paying money to be there. It would be like that Monty Python skit where the guy pays money to visit the Argument Room. At first he goes to the wrong room and after having insults hurled at him they sort out that he’s mistakenly entered the Abuse Room. LFG is like the Abuse Room for the political right.

  7. Restoras says:

    Hey, c’mon, he’s a great writer! He said so himself!

  8. poteen says:

    The first thing on the Obama thread is that he closed Gitmo. Riiiight.

  9. Basement Cat says:

    LGF has now officially become a content-free SPLOG.