The Absolute Truth

The Cult blog was bashing Glenn Beck because he said that the poor in America, have it good compared to other nations. Anyone who disagrees with this is intellectually dishonest. Well Chuck’s minions mocking this assessment. Well Spikestar went in and told them the truth.

This is a dose of reality in a madhouse.

Killgore is now a profile expert

Killgore Trout is now an expert on profiling terrorists. He claims they are non observant. Clearly his ego is making him a jerk of all trade and master of none.

Killgore, since you are so confident in your methods of profiling and analyzing, apply for a job with the FBI. Let us knows how that goes!

Stuff CJ Forgot to Delete: sneaky pop-ups

My laptop at home can swat the dreaded LGF pop-up ad when I stop over, but for some reason, the PC in the employee lounge can’t seem to hold it back.  They are kind of sneaky, too, ’cause I don’t always notice that the thing has managed to open a new window (which means that the trashy cyber leaflet is left for the next guy who sits down in front of that computer).

Why a pop-up ad, anyway? I mean, c’mon.

So, because CJ’s done more 180s than Shaun White, and since the website is one of his most cherished toys, I figured that there’s gotta be something on this in the archives.  Sure enough, I hit paydirt:

I totally agree.  +1000 Updings!    (Or, in the words of Alouette)

Update: OK, so I’m a few months late on this one, but it is hilarious nonetheless:

Killgore sinks deeper into Conspiracy land

Killgore Trout doubles down on conspiracy theories. He claims that the Tea parties have led to the rise of 9/11 Truthers , Ron Paul and The John Birch Society. The problem with his theory is that it’s not true. It’s a made up fantasy invented in his little head and endorsed by his master.

Killgore, which elected House and Senate members are members of the John Birch Society and are 9/11 Truthers? Please get back to us with the numbers. Also Ron Paul has little influence in the Republican party. Most laugh at him  and only paranoid loons like you think he has any power.

Killgore, Prison Planet comes up with better conspiracy theories than you do. You’re correct only in your own head, not in reality. Get out of the house sometime, will you!


It’s a Nazi!

Chuck wishes these were the 1930’s. He would be at the forefront of exposing the Nazi threat. But alas, these are the 2010’s and Nazis are mocked and mostly a thing of the past. His latest Nazi alert is that Neo-Nazi leader Tom Metzger, supposedly tried to register on LGF.

The Nazis are out to get him for his exposure of their diabolical plots! I have my doubts this incident occurred. If it did, Chuck’s mentioning of  Nazis probably lead Metzger to think he had found a Nazi website. Another theory is that Metzger is actually a Democrat! That’s right, he has run for office as a Democrat and has Progressive economic views. It’s very possible he actually liked LGF and agreed with its Far Left views.

Chuck is always looking for Nazis and most likely invented this story.

Obdicut understands Manning

Obdicut understands Manning anger. It’s all about the Don’t Ask don’t tell policy of the US Military.

Yup, Obdicut is saying his anger is understandable. In his book treachery is OK, as long as it’s justified.

Killgore blames the Oathkeepers for Wikileaks

LGF has been reduced to a hot bead of weird conspiracy theories that would make Alex Jones blush. Killgore Trout is now claiming that PFC. class Bradley Manning is a members of the Patriotic organization Oath Keepers. His proof, a quote from a  wikipedia article where Manning talks about upholding his oath to the  Constitution.

Killgore, members of the Oathkeepers  would never do this and would prevent this from even occurring if they found out. Who are you to decide, who can and can’t serve in the US military? Did you ever volunteer, nope. Stick to fixing musical instruments in Oregon.

This is Chuck and his blog’s specialty, concocting conspiracy  theories involving conservatives. Manning was a progressive who did this because he was mad about DADT. He’s on your team Killgore and none of your lies will change that fact.

Update: Killgore provides his proof that Manning is an Oathkeeper. Paleo-Con nut job Justin Raimondo approves of wikileaks and that’s his evidence!

Killgore has yet to explain how this is proof the Oathkeepers are behind the leaks. Watch Chuck start pushing this lie.

UpdateII: Killgore is pressed on where came up with his conclusion that it’s the Oathkeepers.

He admits it was just a hunch!

As we know this is a bunch of nonsense and he’s doing this to create a theory that his master will repeat. He gets called out on his wishful thinking.

After being exposed for making up a theory, he acts just like Chuck would when cornered.

A good track record in creating smears, sure. But you have never proven anything Killgore. you got caught lying and even others at LGF called you out.

LGF, the Prison Planet of the Left! You have become what you once hated Chuck, are you proud?