Memory Hole Wars: Episode V – The Battle for the LGF Archives

As our regular fans and lurkers will remember, after recently joking about deleting every pre-2008 entry on LGF, CJ  struck a blow to our memory hole recovery effort by quietly blocking the internet archives (and google).  This makes it much more difficult to prove that a thread was deleted and/or altered.  We may know that something used to be somewhere, but on the internet, you really need a working link or a screenshot to convince anyone.

Consider this recent addition to the memory hole:

We know it was there. We know that it was a thread with a link to Zombie’s photo essay featuring gay dudes doing really gay things on the streets of San Francisco. We don’t know why it was just deleted out of the blue, having been there for so long. (perhaps the better question now is why it was there in the first place)   But we can’t prove it, and this gives CJ the freedom to lie, obfuscate, and deny.  And if there was a lesson to be learned from the Battle of Al-Guardian™, it’s that this proof could come in pretty handy if readily available (hence, the Mosaic).

In a recent victory, however, we turned the tables. With the combined efforts of several DoDers, our “Stuff CJ Forgot to Delete” operation has flushed out and preserved “Barack Obama’s Racial Obsessions“, saving it from the depths of the memory hole.  In other words, it appears that our actions prompted CJ to delete another thread, despite the fact that we already had the screenshot published.  This is a first, and an important milestone in our blog war.   It says that CJ is too arrogant to think that we have the ability to do any damage (he made sure to secretly thank us, my guess), but we now know that we have the power in numbers, we have the tools, we have the motivation, and that we’re a friggin’ elite sniper team if we use them.

So I think I can speak for all the DoDers and LGF antagonists everywhere and say, “Bring It, CJ!” I for one am ready to battle until there is nothing left but “beach” open threads and “Tech Note” updates.   That, or WordPress caps our uploads.  Are you game?

To our DoD minions:

  1. Google is your friend.  Use the header, and add a well-chosen word or two.
  2. Remember to copy/paste any direct LGF links into your browser.  (rather than click; referrers can tip the lizards off)
  3. Screencap choice threads and comments, liberally.
  4. Use our contact form.   It is efficient, and it keeps you below the lizard radar.

Good hunting to you, and stay safe.

[Update: Since the elections are fast approaching, all of you who still have membership and/or socks at 1.0 and are planning on keeping Mr. Petulant busy ferreting out usurpers are advised to collect screenshots.

We suspect Stinky Beaumont is going to be very busy looking for every and any excuse to ban and delete, even if he bans and deletes the comments of genuine lizards. After all, they eat their own.

Be polite with your comments, but capture, capture, capture! Email us your favorites for future broadcasting here. –Briarius]

Update (11/1/10 ChenZhen):


(h/t Opilio)


7 Comments on “Memory Hole Wars: Episode V – The Battle for the LGF Archives”

  1. Daedalus says:

    Chuck is an insecure jerk.

  2. nil stooge says:

    One wonders why Johnson just didn’t do an ex post facto edit:

    Here’s a piece on Barack Obama’s past, based on his own account of his shockingly racist anti-white attitudes, in a biography before he entered politics:

    It’s obviously just an editable typo, just like the infamous Imam Rauf edit.


  3. refugee000 says:

    I see al-chuki is going on and on about the Bring on the Clowns rally and how HUGE it was.

    Of course, that will mean nothing come Tuesday.

    I’ll even concede that the rally was large, probably larger than Beck’s ( but not the double al-chuki says)
    It’s really disingenuous though. Yesterday the largest segment of that rally were kids, under 25. People of that age bracket have fewer real life responsibilities and are more likely to go to something like that to party, which they did.

    So al-chuki can crow all he wants about it, but on Tuesday, reality will be kicking him in the ass.

  4. Iron Fist says:

    I can’t think of anything that was really radical or over-the-top at LGF (except for bigel) until after Charles metamorphosed into Chuckles. I mean, there were tons of Car Swarm, Dogs Playing Poker, Arafish, and Rachael Corrie threads in adddition to the news of the day, but nothing offensive. Chuckles is trying to redact Charles out of existance. Maybe we are witnessing some weird split-personality disorder working itself out on the internet….

  5. wolfie says:

    I knew those screen shots that Shadowman got on Obama’s racism would chill CJ to the bone. (And that’s a lot of chill, considering his ample insulation.)

    Now the Minotaur has discovered that the shrieking chubbo was so upset that he once again has resorted to the bleach bucket.
    Too much! 😆 😆 😆

  6. The Osprey says:

    Regarding the Zombie “ghey” thread, Chuckles is memoryholing anything to do with Zombie’s contributions exposing the decadent public behavior by militant gheys in SF streets.

    That’s homophobia now, you understand.