Rescued from Memory Hole: Four More Flight 93 Memorial Threads

((((((((THIS IS CHENZHEN)))))))(((((((REPORTING FROM THE MEMORY HOLE))))))))))(((((((PSSHHTT)))))((((((((((I’M NOT GONNA LIE)))))))((((((PSSHHTT))))))(((((((IT’S UGLY DOWN HERE)))))))((((PSSHHTT)))))((((FOUR MORE)))))(((((SENDING THEM TO YOU NOW))))))





(((((PLEASE CONFIRM FOUR))))))(((((((OVER?)))))))



((((((STANDING BY))))))


((((((GOT ANYTHING?)))))







((((((ANYTHING ELSE?)))))(((((OVER?)))))))))))


(h/t Alec Rawls)

14 Comments on “Rescued from Memory Hole: Four More Flight 93 Memorial Threads”

  1. The Minotaur says:

    I don’t think anyone figured out what CJ was referring to. LOL

    In any case, now that there are six of these threads that disappeared, I’m curious about the rationale here. It’d be one thing if there was just one passing mention of it, and that it was later scrubbed because it was a little silly or whatever. But there were countless hours, hearts and souls poured into research and fact checking this thing, spanning many months. And after all of it, it was believed that, yes, this memorial was indeed a giant disgrace (if not an islamofascist plot).

    The implied revelation here, I suppose, is that he’s trying to hide the blemish that is his perceived failure along with this vaunted lizardoid army. I mean, this was the army in its prime, and they were so stubbornly and hostilely convinced that they were right on these things. So the easiest way to save that kind of ego is to just make it go away.

    But ya got to wonder how someone could go from completely convinced on something to feeling embarrassed about even bringing it up, especially in light of the fact that they pretty much had all the facts at the time.

    • Guy says:

      it’s super simple. i discovered that they were deleted pretty much the day post-2008 cult-member, avanti posted a “pages” blog of her findings that “these wingnuts have this insane islamophobic conspiracy theory about the flight 93 memorial.” she appeared to have encountered this on some free petition site. but, obviously, if you do a google search of lgf, all of the posts listed above pop up. charles didn’t want lizards finding that stuff when searching for her post, so down the memory hole it went.

      a similar thing happened with the “inbreeding post”. it went down the memory hole the day he decided to publish a post which contended that “muslim inbreeding” was some “racist wingnut fantacy”.

  2. My Little Ponytail says:

    Oh, brother. Can you spare a dime?

  3. Doppelganger says:

    chucky has issued a FATwa against the past

  4. Rose says:

    ROFL over and over. Love it, Chen.

  5. livefreeor die says:

    I remember these threads. There was alot of lively and intelligent discussion on them. Can’t have signs of that on LGF-must hit the delete button.

  6. Archonix says:

    What I don’t get is, the idea that the topography of the site would naturally suggest a circle or crescent shape has been bandied about recently. Looking at the images – it doesn’t. The crescent shape doesn’t follow the lay of the land or match up with any topographical features the way it’s oriented. Its curve cuts across the topography rather than flowing with it. So, I don’t buy that argument…

  7. My Little Ponytail says:

    FWIW, the link to LFG that Zombie put here is flushed.

    If Chuck were really confident in his new position, he’d use the old threads as a springboard for a debunking. He has material for “why I broke ranks with the wingnutz” part z through qq. The silent censorship indicates a lack of confidence in his own positions.

    Or maybe he never understood any of his positions, pro or con, to begin with?

    • ChenZhen says:

      Or maybe it’s all just an act?

      Who knows.

      • My Little Ponytail says:

        Which are acts? Both? I always did think it was a little strange for someone of his … let’s say demographics … to be even libertarian, let alone conservative. The whole set up always did have a fishy smell.

    • Guy says:

      “Or maybe he never understood any of his positions, pro or con, to begin with?”

      that’s what it is right there. he barely understands the substance of anything he posts about. he sees everything as a matrix of linked symbols.

  8. how about this one from Nov 15, 2006….
    & checkout the Comment crew!!

    stumbled on it …made me miss the days of Mama Winger & the Lizard Minion

    herezzzzzzz another..

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