Obdicut ignorant of the history of Cordoba

Obdicut like most groupies of the Jazz Man is not too bright. He claims that Christians chased the Muslims out of Cordoba. He is clearly is ignorant of the fact Cordoba was a Christian city before the Islamic occupation of Spain. In fact when the Spanish li berated the city, it had been occupied by Islamic Imperialists for 500 years.

Obdicut is not one of the brightest kids on the block so I will not be too harsh on him. He clearly needs to read the history of Spain. In the old days at LGF someone would have corrected him, but that’s no longer the case.  That blog is now full of Progressives and their Islamic allies. Ignorance is bliss except when it promotes lies.


12 Comments on “Obdicut ignorant of the history of Cordoba”

  1. Philip_Daniel says:

    In 1011, Jews were massacred in Cordoba by Muslims (Arabs, Berbers, and Latin muwalladun). Guess those degraded, debased dimam “deserved” their suffering because of Zionism aka kufr and shirk…

    • Daedalus says:


      We just called them traitors and gave them the fate they deserved.

      • Philip_Daniel says:

        Or, the Almoravids and Almohad branded them as munafiqun (“hypocrites”) and had them tried in a Maliki madh’hab religious inquisition (predating the Catholic Inquisition).

  2. snowcrash says:

    Obdicut? Another nub. Who really gives a shit how stupid the new lgfers are? Not me. Obdicut is a nobody.

  3. Formercorpsman says:

    They all know what they are doing over there.

    It is not ignorance. It is deliberate.

    Taqiyya baby, Taqiyya.

  4. My Little Ponytail says:

    I know the history of Cordoba. It was Chrysler’s pimpmobile. My dad had one way back when. When it ran, it was fun.

  5. The Osprey says:

    I think I found out who “Obdicut” is. And I all I was trying to do was find a definition for “Obdicut”.

    He likes online chess. Defends Gay Marriage on “Next Right”. He likes music too. And pr0n. LOLZ.

    And I found out the origin of the name. From “The Life of Shakespeare: An Origin into the Originality of his Dramatic Plots and Characters” comes this tidbit:

    “Shakspeare, therefore, gave himself little more trouble than what reference occasioned him to Harsnet’s ” Declaration of Egregious Popish Impostures to withdraw Her Majesty’s Subjects from their Allegiance ;” a work written to expose the craft of the Jesuits, whose pretended cures of feigned demoniacs were used as a means for the seduction of converts to the Catholic religion. It was from this work that he extracted the names of all the fiends and devils with which Edgar displays such extreme familiarity. ” Frateretto, Hopdance, Obdicut, prince of lust

    • The Osprey says:

      Edgar, BTW,is the son of the Duke of Gloucester in “King Lear”.

      • buzzsawmonkey says:

        Correction: Edgar was the bastard son of the Duke of Gloucester, who intentionally embarks on a villainous course and, if memory serves, actually tortures and blinds his own father.

  6. King Minos says:

    Let them eat static!