Cato’s goodbye letter

Cato The Elder aka Ned is a welfare receipt who supports the Totalitarian agenda of Barack Hussein Obama. He’s also an emotional wreck and is hurt over Bagua joining the Blogmocracy!

Poor Ned, maybe poor Haku can cheer him up!

Update: Obdicut who is an insignificant person in the Cult hierarchy at LGF complains we don’t pay attention to him!

Smile, you are on The Diary of Daedalus! You are just a bottom feeder, hence we never bothered with you. This is your 15 minutes of fame, now go back and kiss up towards your master, the failed Porn Star Iceweasel.

UpdateII: Old Ned shows his classy side again!

This is why welfare needs to end!

119 Comments on “Cato’s goodbye letter”

  1. Formercorpsman says:

    I had one motherfucker of a night tonight.

    I have a smile on my face now. Good lord.

    This is just too damn much.

  2. Butthurt McCracken says:

    Oh, Ned. Jimmah and I forgive you for being an asshole. But you better watch it.

  3. m says:

    Yeah, big loss. Bagua can’t be friends with a man that is so low he picks a fight with a down syndrome baby.

    I think he’ll be alright.

  4. Come on over Ned, the water’s fine! Besides, we can always use another female poster.

  5. MrPaulRevere says:

    I suspect Bagua will somehow find the courage to keep on living.

  6. Formercorpsman says:

    I’m still laughing over this. Holy cow.

    I can’t take it.

  7. Formercorpsman says:

    My eyes are tearing up. Total fucking insanity.

  8. Daedalus says:

    This is too funny!

  9. My Little Ponytail says:

    Oh, holy jeez Louise. I can smell the butthurt all the way on the left coast. Did Ned have a boner for Bag?

  10. Formercorpsman says:

    This is hilarious.

  11. Formercorpsman says:

    Cato the Tolstoy

  12. Daedalus says:

    It’s actually sad to see a person like this.

  13. Formercorpsman says:

    So when do they drink the punch?

  14. Formercorpsman says:

    Most know I don’t really type out curse words all that often, but tonight was a real bitch.

    For those offended, sorry.

  15. 1389AD says:

    He actually thinks any of us want to get back in at LGF?

    • Daedalus says:

      He’s on his meds. Welfare recipients get the best!

    • Lily says:

      I was actually thinking the same thing. Do any of us want back into that blog? I just made myself laugh…..I think I can speak for most or if not all… NO WE DON’T WANT TO BE BACK AT LUNATIC GROUP FORUM.

  16. BTW Cato and Chuckles, and I KNOW both of you losers will read this, it was us “flaming idiots” who made LGF what it once was- A great blog.

    But since the purge, it’s like the Salvation Army soup kitchen. Every down on their luck bum shows up for a free meal and to complain how life has cheated them and to blame everyone else for their problems.

  17. snowcrash says:

    Prosey old bore. LOL

  18. MrPaulRevere says:

    Obdicut Fri, Jul 23, 2010 8:32:02pm replyquote

    * 3
    * down
    * up
    * report

    re: #726 Dark_Falcon

    “You know an easy way to tell those guys are idiotic shitheads?

    They don’t say a thing about me– at least, not that anyone’s brought my attention to…” OK, you’ve been mentioned now, you are an LGF hero, a real superstar, the “stalkers” noticed you.

    • Daedalus says:

      We gave him his 15 minutes now!

    • Hera says:

      I know an easy way to tell an idiot shithead- they’re posting at LGF.

      Hey Ob – being a woman has nothing to do with the jabs at asswhistle. That’s all about her psychotic personality. We cover all the nuts – for instance your bud Cato, Dork Falcon, Pudwig, Jimmah…

      We’re equal opportunity with our pointing and laughing.

    • snowcrash says:

      I dont know who Obicut is. Dont really care either. Butt- out new little hatchling. Go sweep some shells or something. The old timers are playing rough. LOL

      • Arachne says:

        The egocentrism of Obicut – why isn’t it all about MEEEE? How about because you’re an iinsignificant minor player and none of us give a shit about you?

        And we still don’t.

  19. Formercorpsman says:

    What a benchmark.

  20. Formercorpsman says:

    Alright, who said whore?

  21. Doppelganger says:

    Cato…. LOANING money?


    when Fat Ned ofers his hand to you IT IS PALM UP. He is a borrrower, not a lender.

  22. Doppelganger says:

    fat ned, picks on Trig Palin.

    karma is a wonderful thing. Trig is a happy beautiful child, and he will want for nothing. no shortage of friends. people love him

    then there is Ned. Even his dog can’t stand him. poor haku. he drew the short strawm that’s for sure

  23. MrPaulRevere says:

    Dark Falcon, you can tell the stooge Obdicut he has ‘arrived’. He gets the LGF Green Heart.

  24. MrPaulRevere says:

    Cato the Elder Fri, Jul 23, 2010 9:18:45pm replyquote

    * 0
    * down
    * up
    * report

    A vodka-soaked puker, Rodan,
    likes to stir up the shit where he can.
    Poor fellow! it’s clear
    that his family dear
    consists only of those under ban.

    Copyright © 2010 Cato the Elder…Whats up Ned? If I had a nickel for every comment that you’ve had deleted I could buy a BMW with cash

  25. Bunk Strutts says:

    Dearest Cato,

    You remind me of a VERY slow motion version of Jack Torrance, walking into Room 237, right before the beautiful woman turns into this. You’re a petulant old boor, just like Pudwank, and you both take pride in it. I can’t wait for the day you need help from your vitriolic buddies at The Village. Instant Karma’s gonna get you.

    Meanwhile, keep it up! Great fun, watching you eat yourself into oblivion.

    • snowcrash says:

      LOL boor, bore, boar all work to describe Cato. Now that strikes me as particularly funny late at night.

  26. MrPaulRevere says:

    Ease up Cato, when the axe falls (it’s inevitable) you will want a place to post at. We are here for ya buddy.

  27. Doppelganger says:

    the funny thing, is that one of these days, Ned will come into posession of some booze. He’ll get drunk, and get himself banned.

    and when he does oh boy, watch the sycophants over there pile on him.

    Dork Kurt will be serving flaming gamey ned buttocks , and for once the gamey tag will be accurate!

    Ned, you have no friends in life. None.
    Even Haku thinks you’re a putz

  28. snowcrash says:

    I didnt pick Cato for the dead pool. I had mandy and bagua because they were in recent time outs. Most leave after that. I also like the odds on sparrowlake and brookly getting the stick. Satttv too. Iceweasel and jimmah are tracking them thread to thread, like bloodhounds. Very ugly but fascinating. Nils has the proof in his archives. LOL. .

    • Butthurt McCracken says:

      Liar! We don’t stalk! We just know assholes when we see them! And Charles is so wise, he always does what we say.

    • Hercales says:

      I have albusteve and TheMatrix31 in the deadpool.

      • snowcrash says:

        The matrix 31 is an interesting choice. Albusteve is a suckers bet, it is just a matter of time. If this was the greek system, pardon the pun, I’d sponsor steve. He always seemed like a good guy. Hope you are reading this albusteve.

  29. Doppelganger says:

    is mandy gone?

    why she stayed, I have no clue. she is hated there. she is a throwback to the early days. a bit kooky, but she goes way back to when it was cool

    • snowcrash says:

      No, she is still there. These are my bets in the dead pool. Thats all. She is alive and well, as far as I know. Maybe even happy. lol

      • Bunk Strutts says:

        Dead pool! lol that. Anyone gets named here for the Deep Banning won’t be. Chick will protect them. But what the hell. Sattv4Q is good to go, as is Obdicut and McSpiff. They’re all in-house trolls.

      • poteen says:

        Mandy will throw her computer in the river when IW decides she must be banned.. And it will be soon
        Brookly Red is next on the list of targets. If he’s smart he’s already here with a different nic.
        After those 2 I think all others in danger are socks of folks already whacked once or more.
        Wash out all the socks and BuddhaChuck is talking to himself.

  30. MrPaulRevere says:

    Have a good Saturday all. Give my regards to Haku Ned.

  31. Lily says:

    Good night in Georgia! They want to be on DoD! They want some street cred.
    Exactly who are the stalkers?…..I know I never go there.
    They must be over here more than they are on lgf.
    Back in the day …lgf ignored LGF Watch and what not……made fun of Daily Kos….but was never soooooooo obsessed with other sites.
    Truely a looney bin now.

  32. Kos Laughs At Chuckles says:

    Ned has been a “free lance” for over 20 years? heh.

  33. Kos Laughs At Chuckles says:

    Oh, and Ned:

    Du bist Blode Fotze. Fick dich!

  34. Hercales says:

    Cato you fat, smelly, flatulent piece of dog excrement – how do you live with your self? I guess the answer would be “It isn’t easy!”.

  35. Kos Laughs At Chuckles says:

    Oh, and FWIW, the company is “owned” by Ned Himself.

  36. Bagua says:

    For the record:

    Cato the Elder is my friend from LGFand one of the best posters there, surely one of the most intelligent. I do not turn on my friends. I am the same person post elimination of my account as I was prior. I realise that given the hostile and strange group think at LGF, people will feel the need to speak out against me to protect their accounts. So be it, I myself took part in that charade as part of the price of remaining to post my views and I will not hold that against anyone who does likewise. I am not in personal contact with Cato so I must post my response here.

    • kansas says:

      Yes, he is one of the best posters there.That doesn’t say too much for him does it. His disgusting attacks on Sarah Palin put him about equal with Andrew Sullivan.

    • snowcrash says:

      Bagua, it happens to everyone who leaves. There are hard feelings and maybe guilt. Give it a little while. Cato feels abandoned but you had no choice but to move on. When he is kicked out of LGF you can find him in again and compare stories. I promise you guys will laugh like fools over the LGF drama. We ALL do. It is an amazing bond that 1700 banned people share and find humor in.

    • Overlook says:

      That is one of the socially useful aspects of this site. It is a message board for former lgf posters to contact the unbanned, who read this space avidly.

      As for your magnanimous understanding of Cato’s need to kick you (after your banning), that is a sign that your are still in shock or denial, still trying to be a people-lovin’ lizard. Forget it. Don’t be big-hearted. Do not try to be the same person you were at LGF. Be someone completely different. Someone who never thinks about protecting an account. Go ahead and bear a grudge.

      The good thing about being a Stalker is that we do not confuse morality with karma. We are stupid, violent, bad-crazy, non-controversialist racists who hate. Pariahs.

      Cato does insults very well. His persona was amusing, but he is craven. His shtick fades when the Wally wields the big stick. His balls are huge – but unattached to his body.

      I cherish the idea that Cato is so upset with your becoming a Stalker that he will deprive you of his convivial company in Portugal. You must feel pretty bad. No point in going to Portugal now.

    • Hercales says:

      With all respects he hardly seems like a friend of yours.

  37. Mashiki says:

    The tears…they fuel many delicious tears from the loons over there.
    Power level reaching over 9000!

  38. Bagua says:


    I made clear I’ve been laughing at the loons since I began posting there. However, they’re the minority, and mostly new arrivals. I expect the handful of disturbed individuals who now dominate that group, (Iceweasel, Jimmah, Ludwig, Obdicut, Windsagio) to continue to demonise me in my absence, It is what they do, they are smear merchants. However, the rest, and the majority, are all good people who try to avoid the psychodrama of the sociopaths and malignant narcisists and remain to chat with their friends. Not an easy situation to be in, as we all know.

    • Hercales says:

      Again with respects, I think most of the good people have been banned or left on their own.

      • My Little Ponytail says:

        And some of us went back and asked to be banned, just to make a point that went sailing right over Chuck’s head, and probably 99% of the inmates, too.

      • Bagua says:

        As I recall there were some hostilities directed towards Cato sometime back, is that not true? Even a threat of physical harm from somebody. Has that been retracted and repudiated? (I’m not familiar with the details.) In that context, it is understandable that he would be upset by my presence here.

        I also note the use of peoples’ real names, and I realise that has been done on lgf as well. Two wrongs do not make a right, and that sort of thing should be frowned upon.

        I really don’t know the history between the two blogs. At first I bought the line that this was the “stalker” site, though I never read here. In recent months, I’ve noticed it was the freaks, ludwig and the Iceweasel/jimma who were doing the actual stalking. Vile stuff, really, I’d look over here and see that you guys were reacting to, and mocking, their stalking. My eyes were opened by that.

      • My Little Ponytail says:

        I don’t know all of the history, but I think it fair to say that the negative feelings toward Cato are because of exactly one thing: his piggish misogyny, and even worse, his willingness to drag a baby with Down’s syndrome into it. That alone accounts for the hard feelings. That’s plenty.

      • Daedalus says:


        “As I recall there were some hostilities directed towards Cato sometime back, is that not true? Even a threat of physical harm from somebody. Has that been retracted and repudiated? ”

        No one ever threatened Ned. Some jerk on another blog made a threat to his dog and he claimed it was us. Nobody we know hates Dogs. My gripe with Cato is Ideological, not personal.

        If he’s your friend, hey that’s between you two and doesn’t effect how I get along with you. For me it’s not personal.

    • snowcrash says:

      The power players are not going to let anyone with differing opinions enjoy that place. They pretend all are welcome, but they are not. Check out nils archives of some of the overnight threads. There is too much glee derived from the bullying behavior of a select few. It won’t change. Hope you can convince your crowd to bail out and meet you somewhere else if this place doesn’t suit. Or as CJ used to say, “start your own blog”. Plenty ex-lgfers have and almost all of them are successful and populated with fair and happy people who like to discuss the issues of the day. Best of luck to you.

      • Bagua says:


        I’m well aware of the bullying and the baiting. Ugly behaviour which I called out repeatedly. Disgusting really. I was targeted for banning due to my stand against that vile aggression. But I’ll not be able to convince anyone of anything. I’ve been “excommunicated” lol.

      • Bagua says:

        My Little Ponytail said,

        I disagree with such charges as “misogyny” and such. That is a tactic we should leave to the smear merchants.

        I also disagreed with Cato the Elder about Palin and Mandy, but will not demonise him for his distaste of certain people. Palin was an opportunist and did more harm than good to the conservative cause. Most all politicians are vile in my book, they are all fair game. If I slam Cameron am I a male-hater (is there such a term?) If I slam Obama am I a racist? Bullshit. They choose to be politicians and they are free to mock.

        As far as Mandy, she and Cato took stabs at each other over the years and had a rivalry, they later became friendly and civil. So what? We all have scraps. They are both good people, period.

      • m says:

        I think anyone is free to slam Sarah Palin all they want to—- when they start slamming her down syndrome child, well that’s something COMPLETELY different.

      • My Little Ponytail says:

        In case you’re simply not aware:


        I can dig up more, put I think this makes the point.

    • poteen says:

      “However, the rest, and the majority, are all good people who try to avoid the psychodrama of the sociopaths and malignant narcisists and remain to chat with their friends. Not an easy situation to be in, as we all know.”

      Exactly. But it’s a big internet. Why do good people put up with the shit?
      A lot of sites will block an IP for whatever reason, but BuddhaChuck is the only one who polices where HIS are allowed to stray.
      That ‘get your own blog!’ narcissism gave the folks that run these sites 1700 good people, who knew each other, as a commenter base.
      Also, you’ll find the the necessity for moderation almost non-existent.
      /You can call the goofy fuckers that run this place almost anything. Just not ‘last call’ to Rodan./
      Welcome back.

  39. Garycooper says:

    This thread was a real treat! Thanks Cato, for being you. LOL!

  40. Hercales says:

    Palin was an opprtunist? What the hell is Obama and Hillary? What politican is not an opportunist? Cato said some disgusting sexual things about Sarah, Bristol and some monstrously cruel things about Trig.

  41. Hercales says:

    “Palin was an opportunist and did more harm than good to the conservative cause.” – that sounds like David Frum and Kathleen Parker speaking. Fucking John McCain did more harm to the conservative cause and to an extent so did George W. Bush.

  42. Bagua says:


    Obama and Hillary are also opportunists, vile ones at that.

    But don’t demonise me as a racist for slamming Obama, nor a misogynist for slamming Hillary, nor Cato for slamming Palin and her use of Trig as a prop. Political creatures are fair game, all of them, ours and theirs. That is my point.

    I’m off to see Jimmy Cliff. Thank you all for considering my opinions and letting me post my thoughts.

    I’ll check back later, feel free to ding me down, lol,

    • Daedalus says:

      Wrong blog!


    • KGB says:

      I’ll never understand this allegation that Palin used/uses Trig as “prop”. He’s her infant son, one who needs constant care and attention, and clearly she has a deep, abiding, motherly love for him. That she wants to share public moments with him makes Trig a prop?

      This sort of cynicism over family ties is the result of decades of leftist assault on the family. In the case of Trig it can be distilled down to their belief that if she hadn’t aborted him, she should have at least handed him off to some state-run institution so that the libs in society didn’t have to be reminded of him and didn’t have to be shamed by her love for what they would have discarded. The very fact that he’s allowed into the light of day is what makes him a prop to some people.

    • doppelganger says:

      Trig ain’t no prop, He’s a little kid.

      and Ned is a scumbag piece of shit

    • Grimcargo says:

      Cato is good people? Ok then. I guess there are various definitions of good people. Sarah is an opportunist? Ok then. I also am an opportunist and I sure wish I had the will and smartness to achieve just a quarter of what Sarah has achieved. I believe those people who constantly rail on Sarah have some issues that they won’t or cannot reveal or may not realize they have. Whatever it is, it is SICK! And it does not escape anyone who has one gram of sense in their heads. Saying Sarah used Trig as a prop is some more bullshit. If she had not showed him, all of the brain deads would have claimed she was ashamed of him. SO F*** YOU you M.F.’S you are shameful.

    • Grimcargo says:

      If only I had a dinger.

  43. Briareus says:

    I’ve been registered at LGF for only a couple of years and this site is too funny. I know you guys are pissed at being banned, trash talked and all, but you are able to post what many of us lizards cannot.

    • snowcrash says:

      Stay anonymous, keep both accounts and do what YOU want. No matter what the lizards would have you believe, you can say what you want, and go wherever you want on the internet and not be disloyal. Charles really doesn’t control the internet and can’t see your every move. LOL Just have fun. BTW, you have been registered a couple of years? That is plenty long enough for you to see the changes at LGF. Are the changes better for you or worse?

      • Briareus says:

        I’d been following LGF for several years, sined up in 2008 just for the hell of it. It use to be the 2nd site after Drudge on my to do list. LGF had good info on jihadists propaganda but when he went after christianity he lost me even though I’m not very religious. His site has changed alot, and not for the better.Obviously Im not using my lizard nic here, and I don’t comment there much at all.

    • Grimcargo says:

      Now the bastard has gone pro islam.

    • snowcrash says:

      Briar, if you ever see a topic that interests you at the blogmocracy chime in there too. Were trying hard to keep “real issues” over there and this is supposed to be our play room. LOL. Nice talking to you. Bye!

  44. Rose says:

    “I was called out by several people for not downdinging you enough”

    Kinda says it all.

    The gangdingers. It is sick and despicable place. It will someday be written about in psychology journals. the worst of mankind, exemplified in an online format.

    • Briareus says:

      The whole concept of dinging is one of the things that destroyed the integrity of LGF. It turned commenting into a game, where teams can form to battle smalle r teams or individuals. It created a score-keeping system, that whoever has the most karma points, the class seniors, can bullyr the freshmen. I’m not going to “flounce” but I’m sorely tempted to submit an opinion piece here just to get it off my chest.

      • Briareus says:

        I see that I’ve been invited to post a thread here.TY admins. I’ may or may not post a thread, but I’ll cosider it.