Bagua Banned

The purge continues and no matter how much Conservatives kiss up to the Progressives, they are not wanted. Bagua has been banned because he didn’t follow the party line.

The Jazz Man’s Totalitarian colors show again.

Weasel Zippers smacks around the husky, pony-tailed, washed up blogger

Weasel Zippers Readers Have Arrived! The Husky Ponytailed Blogger Calls You “Raving Wingnuts,” Posts Your Comments…

Shame on you guys, you were big meanies to one of Chuckles boot-lickers! Note: I don’t condone comments 3 and 4, they were made by the same person and have been deleted and the user banned, there were over 80 comments (he could only find two that were bad) and I don’t have the time to read every single comment, we post 40+ times a day so that leaves very little spare time and 99.99% of the comments are completely fine…

LGF reader “teh mantis” was one of the first to discover the facts behind Andrew Breitbart’s absurdly deceptive video of Shirley Sherrod (here’s the comment), and when our tipster decided to post the same information at a raving wingnut blog, here are some of the responses:

“She can get a job with Robert Mugabe if she gets fired. She sounds qualified.”

“Actually she is a racist bitch”

“….Jane Goodall is missing a chimp by the name of Sherrod….gonna call her up and let her know her monkey is on youtube giving speeches to her troop.” (deleted)

“respect earns respect… actually think we’re going to take this shit from an affirmitive action ghetto baboon bush meat in silence?” (deleted)

“She’ll be the one overseeing all the medical care for white “folks” (Mullah Obama’s “n-word” for the working class. What’s the working class? Everyone who’s not Mullah Obama.)”

“Just because she’s a waaaacist beeeeotch doesn’t have anything to do with it……”

And the winners are!

Elric66 (1 and 2)

The REAL Bob (5)

White Ass (6)

Real classy Chuckles sending trolls to other people’s sites to try and stir up trouble (he did the same thing to Hot Air), go rape another inflatable clown…

LGF Death threat against Andrew Breitbart

The Far Left Neo-Marxist Blog Little Green Footballs regularly complains about calls for violence ion the Right. Meanwhile, there is talk about violence against those on the Right by the posters there. One such commentator and totalitarian Progressive, the Mantis calls for the death of Andrew Breitbart.

The Jazz Man is no one to complain at this point. As has been documented here, many on his blog have called for violence and he has no problem with it. The Jazz Man and his groupies are Totalitarians who would love to exterminate their enemies.

(Hat Tip: taxfrekiller)

Gus802 shows his Marxist colors

Argentine Peronista Progressive Gus802 once agin reveals his leftist attitude. In commenting on the Sherrod video, he agrees with her Totalitarian Progressive Marxist view that the “rich” manipulate people to control them. This is right out of the Marxist playbook and El Gusano (The Worm) shows his full support of this ideology.

 What happened to Argentina? It was once a rich wealthy nation and now it’s a 3rd world hell hole. This is  a result of people like Juan Peron, Che Guevara and Gusano802 who believe in redistributionist policies. Gus is an example of the problem this nation faces. He’s broke and is envious of others who are not.