Gus802 supports Chomsky

The radical views of Peronista Progressive Gus802 aka El Gusano (the worm) come out again. He comes out in support of Totalitarian Progressive Noam Chomsky.

Here Gus802 claims Chomsky is mainstream.

Gus802 sure knows what radicalism is all about. His 2 heroes Juan Peron and Che Guevara were radicals themselves.

30 Comments on “Gus802 supports Chomsky”

  1. Bunk Strutts says:

    WTF is a “Cognitive Science undergrad?” We called them navel gazers and druggies.

    “What’s yer major?”
    “I’m in Percussive Ideology. You?”
    “I’m going for my Phrenological Vapors Masters Degree.”
    “Yeah, well fuck you.”

  2. Well….my give-a-damn about all things Chomsky is busted. Chomsky self-censors….really?

    Guess that’s my wingnutty anti-intellectualism getting the better of me.

    Maybe Gus can breathlessly point that out while he’s on hold for the be-mulleted malamute’s next radio interview with skeletor Alan Colmes on FOX NEWS RADIO….you know, that network the neo-quislings over there hold in such contempt until one of their Z-listers decides to have a chat w/the correlator tool himself.

    Or has he already milked the last of his 15 minutes? Too bad for him he can only flounce from the right once.

  3. nil stooge says:

    Freetoken co-opts Buzz’s word (‘revanchist’) in the Chomsky discussion:

    561- (reply to 560) freetoken +2 1 reply (6 total)
    For today’s revanchists/atavists Chomsky is not only a “leftist” but he is an academic, intellectual elitist of the highest order. Many of Buckley’s interviewees would suffer like fate.

    lgf36767.html == 36767_Administering_the_Occasional_Reminder

    • My Little Ponytail says:

      Oh, lordy. Little Green Footballs. The blog of the effete, elite intellectual snobs who couldn’t get into community college.

      • Kos Laughs At Chuckles says:

        lotsa unemployed losers over there who have a ton of liberal arts degrees

      • Reginald Perrin says:

        Unemployed……just like Mark Donato, aka Savage,, the unemployed truck driver who owns The Blogmocracy.

        I would love to find out why the State of California will no longer grant Savage a license to drive a semi, It is rather sad that a man his age has to live with his mommy, rather than get off his lazy butt and get a job. Why are conservatives such leeches?

      • Daedalus says:

        Reginald Perrin,
        typical Alinsky style attacks. care to defend Noam Chomsky and his support for Hizballah?

      • Reginald Perrin says:

        Sure, right after you explain why Mark Donato is banned from driving a truck by the State of California. Don’t you find it pathetic that a man Savage’s age is leeching off his elderly mother?

      • Daedalus says:

        Reginald Perrin

        How is that relevant to this subject of Chomsky’s radicalism. You never debate Progressivism and it’s totalitarian nature. You are an intellectual coward and just engage in personal attacks. See many on the right, read Alinsky’s book and know your tricks.

        Please address the subject of Chomsky.

      • Reginald Perrin says:

        Martinez, I find it ironic having one of Eric Odom’s trolls telling me to stay on topic.
        You can’t deny that you are an odious Odomite troll, you bragged about it all over the internet. BTW, the Wayback Machine has archived Odom’s old blogs, he didn’t do a good job of hiding his stalker troll past.

        I see yesterday was your birthday, If I remember correctly, you were born in 1975 in NYC. Are you still living in Tampa and working at the bank?

        I promised that I would never expose your identity, However there are others out there who hate you enough to make your life a living hell. You better be careful not to piss that type of people off, Rick Martinez, karma is a bitch.

        See you later Ricky, have fun.

      • Reginald Perrin says:

        Before I go, one last thing….
        Ricky, get help for your drinking problem. Drunk fat and stupid is no way to go through life.

      • Daedalus says:

        Reginald Perrin

        Being a Pedophile must eat your conciseness. Your personal attacks are stale. You are an intellectual lightweight who offers nothing.

      • Reginald Perrin says:

        Martinez, what I am writing is all true. You and the other stalker trolls were careless and posted links to your personal identities. I on the other hand have been careful to make sure that nothing posted by me would ever lead to my discovery.
        You made up the pedophile thing because of the butthurt you felt when Liberal Traitor, Toasterhead and I, pwned you repeatedly a couple years ago.

        Like when you lied about meeting Sammy Hagar and I exposed that lie. You can’t deny it just because you made your old stalker blog vanish. That stuff was also posted at Toasterhead’s hilarious parody of your stalker blog.It is still there for all to read and laugh at your stupidity.

        You lost, get over it…….so long and thanks for all the fish.


      • Daedalus says:

        Reginald Perrin,
        You just engage in Alinsky style attacks. liberal traitor and toasterhead are supports of Hizballah and Hamas. Nice people you associate with. You actually slipped up with your identity. It’s tough knowing you took advantage of young girls, isn’t it. That’s why you don’t even debate any Progressive position. You are a lightweight buffoon!

      • Reginald Perrin says:

        ***** you are forgetting who I am and why I am here. I am your old nemesis, Troll Buster, and am here to expose you and Eric Odom’s other odious trolls.

        Got to run, I am late for dinner.

        BTW, Zaphod asked me to tell you to zark off.

      • Daedalus says:

        Reginald Perrin,
        You’re just a frustrated old pedophile who can’t debate issues and engages in Alinksy style attacks.

        That’s why you avoid people who challenge you towards a debate.

  4. My Little Ponytail says:

    Let’s get one thing straight. Chomsky is not a great in his field. He had a “big idea” when he was young, but John Backus had the same idea at the same time and actually did something with it. Chomsky made no significant contribution computer linguistics, that was all done by Backus. And that was Chomksy’s complete wad, and he didn’t do anything significant afterward.

    He morphed into an academic bully a la Ward Churchill, and that’s why he’s got the cred. As a linguist? Meh.

    • Reginald Perrin says:

      Hey Reisinger, I am still waiting for you to accept my challenge to debate Climate Change. How many sock-puppets are you using here? I didn’t know that trolls had to use multiple socks on their own sites.

      Why are you being such a pussy?

      You have my word that Ludwig won’t be part of my research team.

      I notice that watts up with that has been running on empty recently, the talking points they generate for the astro-turf spin machine are becoming easier and easier to debunk.

  5. Kos Laughs At Chuckles says:

    oh, and Chuckles, since I know you read this: I was at the Ace of Spades Connecticut (Windsor Locks) Moronapalooza. Lotsa people. And I know Ace’s real name. No way you’ll ever get it for “outing” purposes.

    No go back to trying to get Fran Williams (Reine)to sell another cookbook.

  6. PrincessNatasha says:

    Gus has always been Schmucky’s ass-sucker. The weirdos over there are now competing in how far they can stick their tongues up Schmucky’s large intestine. If today Schmuck said he converted to Islam or took up Scientology, they would mass-convert too and bleat praises. Buncha losers. I find it hard to believe some of them are supposedly “adults”.

  7. MrPaulRevere says:

    It’s really touching isn’t it? Gus is trying to prove his loyalty to CJ by going even further to the left than he himself has gone. Such is the way of the cult.

  8. The Osprey says:

    Chomsky love at LGF? Jeez…

  9. My Little Ponytail says:


  10. Chomsky-Bot would approve.

  11. snowcrash says:

    Holy cow, Reginald P is goofy.

    ” I am your old nemesis, Troll Buster, and am here to expose you and Eric Odom’s other odious trolls”.

    How can anyone take a guy who posts this kind of comment seriously? It’s like bad science fiction. Makes Irish R’s blatant attempt at a guilt trip look subtle. LOL

    • 1389AD says:

      Just for the record, my understanding is that Savage still has a valid California drivers’ license, but for a variety of reasons having to do with the political/economic situation there, hasn’t been able to find a job in California. Nor is Savage leaching off his mother, who is quite a piece of work as I understand it. I suspect that Reginald P. knows all this and is deliberately lying.

      I assume Reginald P doesn’t worry about being sued for libel, because he most likely has no assets (in any sense of the word).

      • Reginald Perrin says:

        I hear Burger King is hiring, I am sure with training, even someone as intellectually challenged as Mark (savage) Donato, can work the drive through.

      • Hera says:

        He has no assets and no point, lol. He can’t debate for shit. If he could he wouldn’t keep running away every time someone asks to debate the issues.

        Hey Reggie – So you think chumpsky is mainstream as well? Care to debate that?