Six Degrees for Thee, Not for Me

Let me get this straight: every person who writes on the same blog as someone who once appeared on a talk show with somebody who once had a report from somebody who some extreme left-wing organization has on a list of white supremacists is a white supremacist, but supporting a known terrorist organization doesn’t make one a terrorist.

Chuck (or whoever you are), you’re a fucking idiot.

Gus802 supports Chomsky

The radical views of Peronista Progressive Gus802 aka El Gusano (the worm) come out again. He comes out in support of Totalitarian Progressive Noam Chomsky.

Here Gus802 claims Chomsky is mainstream.

Gus802 sure knows what radicalism is all about. His 2 heroes Juan Peron and Che Guevara were radicals themselves.

Tribute to a man Ludwig and the Jazz Man hates

White Supremacist Ludwig Vanquixote claims he supports the helpless Brown people. However he hates one so-called Brown leader who actually saved his nation and turned it into a modern country. Something Progressive racists like Ludwig hate. That man was Augusto Pinochet, the savior of Chile. The Jazz Man also hates Pinochet for the same reasons.