Gus802 condones Samir Shabazz

Black Panther leader Samir Shabazz is a racist and has called for killing white people. However, that is OK with Argentine Peronist Progressive and Che Guevara admirer Gus802. In his mind, it’s OK for the Black Panthers to call for killing Non blacks. As an Argentine radical, Gus sympathizes with any Liberation Movement and thus supports the goals of the Black Panthers.

LGf decends lower and lower each day. The Balck Panthers are OK with radical Progressives like Gus802. What Gus doesn’t realize is that the Black Panthers don’t like him either. Just because they have Che posters, don’t mena they accept you Gustavo!

23 Comments on “Gus802 condones Samir Shabazz”

  1. 1389AD says:

    The revolution always eats its own children, but never soon enough.

  2. My Little Ponytail says:

    Of course, the entire thread is based on a false premise; that the analogy is supposed to be perfect. IOW, they don’t want to understand. On more way in which Chuck is a manque monkey.

    • nil stooge says:

      …they don’t want to understand.

      ‘Racism’ is all they – the left – got. They don’t do ideas well, don’t even want to cop to their true beliefs, they don’t wanna do ideas. It’s all identity politics and Alinsky tactics. Expect lots more of it from LGF as November approaches.

  3. King Minos says:

    Gus needs to be assraped by Samir Shabazz. Then he will know the true meaning of racism.

  4. nil stooge says:

    Next LGF thread up from this one, it’ non-stop concern trolling. It’s like somebody’s tadpoles over there (Killgore? Cato? ..?) – the Lizard King has succeeded in raising a swarm of concern trolls. You’d be hard pressed to go anywhere on the web and find a higher density of concern trolls. Funny, and ‘good job!’ Lizard King.

  5. MrPaulRevere says:

    Gus was a busy boy on the overnight thread: Here admits he will plant false information and await reactions… “I’m just going to start planing information and watch the reaction. Can’t do it now since they’ll know since they’re always watching.”

    • grimcargo says:

      So whats new about planting lies lil boy? You and that whole psy ward plants lies everyday.

  6. MrPaulRevere says:

    Here he calls Zombie gay, but throws in the requisite ‘nothing wrong with that’ dodge. Icesleazel was also bashing Zombie in a vicious way, but then again we are not surprised… Here’s Gus: “OK, I’ll say it.

    Zombie gets a sexual thrill out of going to Folsom. He uses the “journalistic mask” to hide his/her/it proclivities towards his homosexual tendencies. I’m willing to bet that there’s a good chance that Zombie is a closeted homosexual.”

    • My Little Ponytail says:

      Why does the dolt ASSume that Zombie is a guy? This says a lot more about Gussie.

      • Carolina Girl says:

        Anyone in the know does NOT assume zombie is a guy.

        However, I bet there IS a good chance that Gus is a closeted homosexual. Just like KKKilgore is a closet (well not anymore at any rate) racist. When you feel the need to raise make homosexuality an issue for fun and throw the “N” word around, you aren’t fooling anybody.

      • MrPaulRevere says:

        Zombie was always respectful to mainstream gays. He/she had a problem with the Folsom street fair. Every sane person should.

  7. MrPaulRevere says:

    Here Gus admits he is a shape shifting worm who “went with the flow”. Now he’s going with the Iceweasel flow. And for good measure, he slams TFK, a man who took a bullet in his head for this nation… “I went with the flow. I knew he had mental problems so I kind of felt sorry for him. He’s just some hick that was in military and had another opinion like the rest of us. Half the time I think he was drunk.”

  8. MrPaulRevere says:

    Here Gus accuses your truly and Furry Old Guy Jeans of being ‘nutz’, while providing cover for Iceweasel as she slanders TFK… iceweasel

    Prick. Posts very nasty shit on an almost daily basis about CJ even now apparently, regged sockpuppets here over and over CJ says I think. nasty, hateful piece of work. Whatever the mental issues are.

    He sure does. Along with Fenway_Nation, Furry Old Guy With Jeans, MrPaulRevere, etc. They all went nutz. I’m here for ya Gus, you shape shifting spineless jerk.

  9. Carolina Girl says:

    And Snowball doesn’t understand why no one wants to invite him and the kids over to their sandbox. Pretty soon he’s going to go trolling to people’s blogrolls and find himself listed under “internet porn” sites.

  10. Along with Fenway_Nation, Furry Old Guy With Jeans, MrPaulRevere, etc. They all went nutz.

    Umm….no, Gus. ‘Nuts’ would be staying at a blog that fell completely under the control of little shit-flinging monkeys and internet tough guys and internet rocket scientists who would see nothing wrong with (or defend) Chris Matthew’s ‘enemy camp’ statement, Danny Glover or the New Black Panthers.

    I wear my stealthy expulsion from the be-mulleted malamute’s little romper room as a badge of honor. And you can take that to the bank…


    Fenway nation! I remember teeing off on that guy.

    He got blocked because he started giving Charles a lot of shit




    THAT’S IT? Poor widdle thin-skinned Charles couldn’t defend himself adequately against the likes of me, so he made with the banning stick? Couldn’t rally enough iceweasels, Jimmahs, freetokens, Austin Blues or Wind Up Birds to insulate himself from the dreaded contradictory opinions or even wose, the nefarious firsthand accounts?

    • snowcrash says:

      The dreaded first hand accounts of events. Those contradictory statements that didn’t follow the LGF narrative were just asking to be silenced. LOL. I love it Fenway.

  12. MrPaulRevere says:

    Hey Gus ‘ole buddy, remember when you were a ‘winger’ and chewed me out for telling you shouldn’t be obsessed with ACORN? I sure do. But we know you you are the type of man who “went with the flow”.

  13. Princess Natasha says:

    You see, our snotnosed, limpwristed, effete progs think that Black Panthers and other thugs and lowlife gangbangers will do the dirty work for them if it comes to actual shootin’ war. What these dimwitted pussies don’t realize is that gangbangers are pathetic little cowards, who can’t shoot. How the fuck are you gonna hit your target when you are holding your weapon sideways in one hand, and holding up your pants with the other? Wasting these gene pool rejects will be too easy. Kinda hard to run away with your pants around your ankles! LOL. Leftists call them “revolutionaries”, “visionaries” and “fighters”. I call them “easy target practice”.