Anti-White Racism at LGF

I have exposed the anti-Hispanic bigotry over at LGF but now I must also cover another form of racism. Joining the Black Panthers, LGF poster webvintage , now says he hates Whites.

Racism is evil in all its forms and this comment should be condemned. This shows the Jazz Man has no problem with racism as long as it’s directed at people he hates.

(Hat Tip: Mr. Paul Revere)

Update: It gets worse at LGF.

Brooklyn Red is down dinged because he calls out the NAACP and their hypocrisy over the Black Panthers.

Killgore Trout comes out in support of the Black Panthers. I wonder how they would react if they knew he used the N word.

Then the Jazz Man himself downplays the Black Panthers. He calls them a fringe group, all the while claiming that the followers of Ron Paul are going to take over the country.

The racial hypocrisy at LGF just never ceases to amaze.

Update II: Now b-sharp claims the Black Panthers were a positive influence in the African AMerican community. I guess their support of violence, arm robberies and drug dealings are positive to this loser.

Yup because violence is really a positive for a community. This guy never even went near a Black ghetto in his life and doesn’t understand the damage the Black Panthers did.

David Swindle Punks teh Johnson

Sweet smackdown here. Needless to say, Chuck’s having a cow about it.

The discredited former-anti-Jihad-activist-turned-anti-conservative-smear-artist Charles Johnson has predictably come down on the side of pseudo conservative poseur and self-promoter David Frum and his puppet the pedophilia-apologist narcissist child Alex Knepper:

That sounds like that could have been written by Daedalus himself.

I have one single unanswerable question for the egomaniacs Johnson, Frum, and Sullivan: which is a greater threat to America’s survival, the Conservative Movement (Glenn Beck/SarahPalin/Tea Parties/David Horowitz Freedom Center/Conservative Blogosphere) orIslamofascism? (Last time I checked none of these conservative entities were responsible for any dead Americans or totalitarian enclaves embedded within America.) If you answer the latter then why the hell are you spending the majority of your time and energy sabotaging and libeling the former?

That pretty well sums it up. Why the wet pants about the vast right wing conspiracy if you’re not a conspiracy kook?

Some of the comments are pretty choice, too:

Islamofascism. Definitely the greatest threat. David Frum needs to go on vacation, too………..but not with Andrew Sullivan.
Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch was in Sweden last week and there was a defamation campaignagainst him by the left and notorious Islamic organizations. I found out that their source of defamation was an unknown site named LGF.
Say it ain’t so…
I don’t define myself as a “conservative” or “liberal,” but your points are well taken, and it’s clear as glass that Charles Johnson is severely mentally ill.

LGF Fake Conservatives who want a GOP defeat

At LGF there are posters who still claim to be Conservatives. When Conservatives are mentioned, they bash and hope for electoral defeats to win applause from the Progressives.In reality they are quislings who are enabling the Obama agenda.


The above commentators are pathetic ass kissers and are no more Conservative than the Jazz artist is. By wishing defeat on their own side, they are defacto supporters of the Totalitarian Progressive agenda of Barack Hussein Obama.

Retired porn star Iceweasel smears Mark Steyn

Retired Porn star and Totalitarian Progressive LGF poster Iceweasel is doing what the left does best, smearing. Her latest attack is on Mark Steyn. Linking to anti-semitic blogger and far leftist Andrew Sullivan, she repeats the article’s smear job. 

The Porn queen as usual doesn’t explain why she agrees with Andrew Sullivan. Iceweasel really doesn’t have much intellect or talents. Then again, running tricks and filming them does require some ingenuity! However, this individual is no intellectual. She is the real power at LGF and no one is permitted to challenge her without the Jazz Man stepping in. Is she the Un Mata Hari?

Update: As predicted, the Jazz Man came to Iceweasel’s defense. He then attacks Mark Steyn for releasing an email conversation they had. The irony is that the Jazz Man outs people’s identities and posts emails he receives.