The LGF Demographic

When the Jaz Man purged his blog of productive citizens, he began hurting for money.  He begs his readers to donate so he can stay financially afloat. Well, it hasn’t worked out to well. His new Demographic are also hurting financially. Argentine Peronista Progressive GUS802, admits he broke and that’s why he votes for the Left.

Gus802’s family left Argentina because of the bankrupting Progressive policies of the Peronistas. Now he wants to implement these same policies here in America. He is broke and vote for the Left so he can receive handouts. This is the new demographic on LGF, broke Progressives wanting Obama to spread the wealth. Nice upgrade there, Jazz Man and no wonder you are always begging for money.


21 Comments on “The LGF Demographic”

  1. My Little Ponytail says:

    The biggest demographic is the video gamers. They aren’t going to cough up any money, cuz they’re saving their allowances for the newest coolest liquid nitrogen CPU cooler that they can brag about.

  2. m says:


    /but be warned… it means you are signing away your right to privacy

  3. WTF??? Gus believes in personal liberties yet votes for the leftists whose goal is to take them away from him (and us).

    What a fuckin’ imbecile! That is some weapons-grade stupidity and lack of logic he posted. No wonder that Nancy’s shithole is a shithole, when they have unemployed bums like gus and that other idiot jimmah showing us their ignorance day after day.

  4. “Gus802′s family left Argentina because of the bankrupting Progressive policies of the Peronistas. Now he wants to implement these same policies here in America.”

    Not surprising. It’s like the idiot libs who move from New York or New Jersey to Florida because of high taxes, then when they get moved down there, they continue to vote for the same types of clowns who raised their taxes. Liberals are brain-dead.

  5. NoMo says:

    lol,selrahC won’t be getting any tip jar action from these 2 philosopher slugs.

  6. 1389AD says:

    What’s the matter? Aren’t their cookbooks selling?

    I wonder what “recipes” are actually in it. Since we’re not talking about a productive bunch of people, I imagine it’s something like this:

    Pilfering from the Office Refrigerator Without Getting Caught
    How to Forage Food from Co-Workers’ Desks
    Finding Hidden Snack Treasures in Sofa Cushions and Car Seats
    Getting Mom to Cook For You

  7. Jorline says:

    The LGF cookbook doesn’t work when you’re on government assistance.

    Not enough bean and rice recipes.

  8. Carolina Girl says:

    “I’m well endowed with a lot of gray matter.”

    Uh. no Gus. When we call you a “fat head” that’s not what we’re referring to.

  9. I know for a fact that Gus802 couldn’t give two shits about the curtailing of freedom of the press in Latin America- particularly in his native Argentina.

    I remember asking him directly late last year when he was getting ready to don his suit of armor to defend the patron sains of internet rocket and climate science from Climategate…..

    Around the same time, DeKirchner signed the audiovisual media laws into effect- laws that were more or less a ‘fairness doctorine’ for all media outlets and seem most punitive towards the ones that were critical of DeKirchner or her husband….

    Gus couldn’t be bothered and the frigid vermin implied I was only pointing this out because I was butthurt after getting laid off.