Teh Master of teh Technology Stuff

From the LGF main page:

Did you get all that? All that camera crap and software when any same person would use a scanner. You’know Chuck? One of these thingies:

Ever seen one of those Chuck? It makes posting comic books a lot easier than setting up a camera and a tripod and all that goofy software.

Aye carrumba!

The LGF Demographic

When the Jaz Man purged his blog of productive citizens, he began hurting for money.  He begs his readers to donate so he can stay financially afloat. Well, it hasn’t worked out to well. His new Demographic are also hurting financially. Argentine Peronista Progressive GUS802, admits he broke and that’s why he votes for the Left.

Gus802’s family left Argentina because of the bankrupting Progressive policies of the Peronistas. Now he wants to implement these same policies here in America. He is broke and vote for the Left so he can receive handouts. This is the new demographic on LGF, broke Progressives wanting Obama to spread the wealth. Nice upgrade there, Jazz Man and no wonder you are always begging for money.