Obama worship at LGF

LGF has become a blog that worships Barack Hussein Obama. You are not allowed to criticize him and he has become a divine being. Even the token fake conservatives like Dark Falcon and reine de tout worship this man and his Progressive agenda. But the must ridiculous comments come from  aurelious. This clown claims Obama’s approval average at 46% is good! The reasoning why his low numbers are good speaks for itself and I will let the commentators digest them.

Totalitarian Progressive Obama worshiper Killgore Trout goes on to praise his dear leader. He even claims expertise on which polling units are legitimate.

I have no further comments!

Update: Count Dr. Shalit as a candidate for banning. He the Obama worshipers some dose of the truth.

The Jazz Man will not be happy about this!

Le Manqué Épique

Zee mademoiselle whistle de la butt had a – how shall we say? – meltdown. Oh, mademoiselle, you are so long and skinnee, and skankee, and stinkee:

Here you go, Walter.
Like I said, obvious. To everyone. More than obvious that you were calling me a whore there, more than obvious that it was your usual passive aggressive bullshit, and more than obvious that you’re a chickenshit bastard who doesn’t have balls big enough to come out and be forthright with your hostility– to me, to Charles, to anyone. Fuck you, and fuck the people who will defend you on this.

Oh, mademoiselle, are you – how do you say? – le butthurt?

You’re a liar and Charles has also told you your comments were low and you owe me an apology. Give it, or don’t. If you don’t– then don’t address me again.

Oh, mademoiselle, deed anyone ever tell you you’re stinkee when you’re mad?

Oh-oh. Ze principal eez een zee lunchroom:

Charles +10
Squabbling stops or I’ll begin giving out timeouts. And Walter, that was low. You should apologize.

So zee hater of zee ladies, Cato, wants surrender, or I think you Americains call zat “peace”:

  • Cato the Elder +3
    Can’t we all just get along?
  • iceweasel +5
    No, we can’t. Not if some people think it’s perfectly ok to call a female poster a whore and get away with it — by faking like that’s NOT what they were doing. No.

Mademoiselle doesn’t understand Monsieur Cato – Monsieur Cato doesn’t theenk zee ladeez are worth zee fight. But Monsieur Cato tries heez wayz with zee ladeez one more time:

Cato the Elder -1
C’mon, Ice. I’ve called Palin a political whore more times than I can count. And I meant it. Does Palin get “woman points”? I have been called a prick here more times than I can count. I couldn’t care less. What is worse, someone calling me a prick or someone indirectly using the “w” word?Your skin is thicker than that, I know it.

Monsieur Cato haz a funny way of talking with zee ladeez. Zee weezel does not respond well to Monsieur Cato’s plea:

iceweasel +9
They lied– racer and walter absolutely meant that to refer to me, and the ONLY reason they’ve backtracked is because CJ is in the thread.
And I am absolutely heartsick and DISGUSTED that people here would try to defend those comments, or pretend that they weren’t directed at me, or make excuses for those two– and that those two would AVOID apologising and people will excuse them for it.
This place is one I consider very welcoming to women, and much more so than the vast majority of political blogs left or right. I don’t care if someone likes me or not personally– but MY GOD, how CAN you let something like that go by or make excuses for it or pretend it didn’t happen?
Whatever. I’m sickened and I’m disappointed in some of you.

Mademoiselle critter eez butthurt. Butthurt and disappointed…

Meenwile elsewhere on zee thread, another guy who doesn’t – how do you say? – appreciate zee ladeez?

221- reuven +1 3 replies  (6 total)  > > > > > >
I am getting NAUSEATED by all the vagina here tonight (esp. because I’m recovering from a bout of food poisoning). So I’ll see you all later, perhaps when you’re talking about anuses or something.

Stoopeed monsieur Reuven, le vagina eez zee pièce de résistance. Eet eez zee crème de la crème. Eet eez zee zee ohh la la!

Hat teep: Neel Stoogé

Princess Natasha lays a smackdown

Princess Natasha is a Russian Immigrant who knows the evils of Progressivism. She constantly warns us that we are going down the road her former nation did. This is why she has no tolerance for Progressives and shows them no mercy. The below comment is a classic and deserves a post!

This is a beat down!